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Solvers Accounting and Payroll Services is a highly organised and professional company providing taxation and accounting services across the United Kingdom. We are based in Belfast. We provide seamless and unparalleled services when it comes to managing Accounts, Bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT Returns, HMRC inspections and handling Tax related matters for self employed individuals and limited companies. Having a network of highly qualified financial experts, we work dedicatedly to help you achieve new heights of financial growth and sustainability.

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Introduction Solver Accounting Services

If you want your taxation and accounting to be handled by senior and experienced tax professionals then we are a perfect choice. Our experts have clear understanding and insights on tax related issues and complexities of tax systems in the United Kingdom. We are adept in taking bold and crucial steps for the financial benefit of your organization even if the decisions seem unpopular initially. By using our vast experience to your advantage, we clearly map out plans for future years that will help you get closer to your financial goals by leaps and bounds.

We are determined to serve satisfaction and peace of mind to our clients by staying committed to be friendly, helpful, responsive and insightful. We are here to remove all the guesswork from your accounting and taxation department and transform it into a data-backed and well-informed unit. Customer satisfaction is something we instil right from the beginning and you will experience it in every step that you take with us.


We are a nationwide team and invite you to an open discussion about your business needs free of cost. Taxes are easy, you just need to understand them!

Our Approach

Given the fast-paced, multifaceted and dynamic financial environment, your business always needs the right advice to help you make correct decisions at the right times, foresee financial challenges and manoeuvre smoothly towards achieving your top-line goals. This is where Solvers Accounting and Payroll Services plays its role in helping you develop and execute smart business strategies with a thorough yet quick analysis of your financial situation. Whether you are currently in a financial rut or heading towards one, Solvers Accounting and Payroll Services can assist you in any step of your financial standings through the implementation of strong SOPs. Our strong grip on local financial technicalities, rules and regulations and global insight can help you with Personal and Corporation Taxes, Tax Filing, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Payroll processing and other financial challenges. We develop detailed and thorough understanding of your business dynamics, industry and market trends prior to developing any strategy for you.

Our Fees

Flexible, pay as you go Bookkeeping & Accounting fees – with no tie-in

We know cost is a big consideration when you’re hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant. But so is expertise and experience.

At Solvers, we have all bases covered.

Our low, flexible, pay-as-you-go fees include a range of features and benefits, including access to your dedicated accountant, on-site and off-site bookkeeping, monthly reporting and advice – with absolutely no tie in.